Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success
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Believe it or not, success is really not all that complicated. However, for some, it does seem impossible to achieve. Still, true and lasting success is possible to achieve. It’s available to everyone- right at this very moment. You can make the choice to become successful and start on your journey to a future where you have everything you could ever want- and more. Check out Presence, Power, and Profit to learn more about how to become the most successful person you know.

The truth is that everyone of us has goals. No matter who we are or where we live, there is something that we want to achieve. Unfortunately, we don’t always have what it takes to follow through. We don’t have what it takes to push through the difficulty and become successful. We end up calling it quits and walking away. We tell ourselves, and anyone else that will listen, “I’m done!” Sure, once you hit that wall, it’s hard to go back.

Of course, not everyone is like that. Some people are much more adept at achieving success than other people- in getting through our failures.

Today’s society is all about instant gratification. We are used to having everything we want at the very moment we want it. So, how is it that we’re supposed to see things to completion? How are we supposed to be successful when every ounce of our being is telling us to just give up?

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving goals in life is about so much more than clearly defining your goals and wanting them deeply. You must also employ the use of the right strategies for success. If you don’t follow these strategies, then you might as well accept that you’re not going to see it through to completion.

Keep in mind that employing the right strategies is not a complex task. However, it does require persistent, consistent action. You must be willing to go through pain and struggle in the here and now in order to achieve your goals and receive your rewards later.

As long as you are taking the right steps and are in the right frame of mind, then you will easily be able to follow through. You’re going to hit roadblocks along your journey- but with the right strategies, you’ll be able to persevere.

You will need to always remember the truth about big goals: they take time to achieve- it will not happen overnight. In fact, it may not even happen in the time frame that you set forth. However, as long as you don’t give in to failure, it will happen for you. Regardless of what you want, you’re going to get it- as long as you employ the following 15 strategies for success- and don’t forget to follow through.

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Set Smarter Goals

If you are truly serious about achieving your goals, you must have an understanding of the SMARTER method. This means that your goals must be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound
  • Evaluated
  • Readjusted

This strategy for setting your goals will ensure that you have a better chance of achieving success.  In order for your goal to be SMARTER, you must be very specific. You must make sure that you can describe even the tiniest detail about it. In addition, you must make sure it’s something you can measure and achieve. While it’s true that there’s nothing wrong with a lofty goal, a SMARTER goal must be just slightly out of reach- but still something you can attain.

In order to be relevant, your goal must align with your beliefs and values and attuned with your deepest self. Time-bound means that your goal has a timeline- a specific date- that you have put in place as a deadline to achieve it. Then, as you are working on reaching your goals and achieving success, you will be evaluating your goals/plans and readjusting them as necessary.

Create a Plan

One of the most important strategies to help you achieve success is planning. However, the sad thing is that most of us actually fail when it comes to creating an intricate, detailed plan to help us realize our dreams. While it’s true that the abstract notion we have in our head will get us closer- but we need something more specific to bring those goals into being.

When you are serious about successfully achieving your goals, you must create a plan of action and be willing to take steps every single day without skipping a beat- to reach our desires. You need to make your plan- and constantly work that plan- until you become successful at reaching your goals.

Destroy Your Bad Habits

Obviously, your bad habits can potentially hold you back from being successful. They will slow down your progress and only get in the way of your hopes and dreams. If you are intent on being successful, then you must understand that you’ve got to get rid of those bad habits that have a rein on you.

While it’s true that destroying your bad habits can be difficult, if you can find a reason to quit that is stronger than your habit- then it can be overcome. Sure, it’s not going to happen overnight and its most likely going to be painful. However, when you can destroy those bad habits, you will light up the path that will lead you to success.

Exercise Self-Discipline

When you are able to exercise self-discipline, you can put your plan for achieving your goals on cruise control. After all, when you are disciplined, the sky is the limit. On the other hand, an individual that is not self-disciplined will have a difficult time with even the most menial of tasks. The best way to develop self-discipline is through habits.

When you employ the right habits into your life, you develop self-discipline. Habits such as the following will help you develop self-discipline:

  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Getting adequate rest

When you practice good habits, you’ll see for yourself that the sky is truly the limit- you can achieve anything and everything you put your mind to.

Alleviate Any & All Distractions

Unfortunately, the world is overrun by distractions- and distractions get in the way and disrupt your progress. In fact, the most common of distractions is probably close by you right at this very moment- an always on pocket computer that connects you with the vast wisdom of the world. Due to the invention of smartphones and then social media, it has become so much harder to maintain productivity on a daily basis.

You must learn how to alleviate this noise- these distractions. You must allow yourself to identify the sources of distraction around you. Then, you must work to cut them off. If necessary, turn off your phone, the TV, and the Internet- and allow yourself to focus entirely on the task at hand.

Take Advantage of Setting Daily Goals

A daily goal is a wonderful way to stay on track to meeting your long-term goals that are still many years away. When you’re struggling in the moment, it’s easy to lose sight of the big goals and drown in daily life. However, a daily goal is like a mile marker on the road- it helps you be able to focus on the road ahead.

In this strategy, every night before you go to bed- or every morning when you wake up- you need to set some goals for the day. Ask yourself what your plans for the day are. Take a closer look at your big picture goals and figure out how you can break them up into smaller steps. As long as it is something you can measure, and it can be broken down into tasks that need to be achieved that day, it will be much easier to keep yourself on track.

Whatever it is, as long as it’s measurable, and you break it down into what you need to achieve that day, it’s easier to stay on track.

Don’t Procrastinate

You will never be able to achieve your goals if you continue to procrastinate and put things off. Procrastination suppresses our progress and pushes us into the grasp of habit and comfort. We all know that when we want to achieve something that is worthwhile, you must stop the procrastination. Instead of waiting until tomorrow, get done what you can today- right now.

The “15-minute rule” is one of the best things you can do in order to avoid procrastination. You will set a timer on your smartphone for 15 minutes and then work on doing the one thing that you’ve put off for the longest. You are only committing to work on it for 15 minutes- no more and no less. Since this is such a small commitment, you can’t fail- and once you have taken some action, you create momentum. Chances are, once you get that momentum going, you’ll just keep on moving.

Learn Effective Time Management

One way to achieve anything you could ever dream is to learn to effectively manage your time. Those who are able to stay in control of their time can achieve anything. However, if you really want to do this, you must figure out the most effective way to manage the little time that you have instead of wasting it on trivial things.

You might consider implementing the Quadrant system of time management. This system splits your time into 4 quadrants. Take a look at your average day and measure it against the quadrant system- see where you’re spending the bulk of your time- and, if necessary, make some changes.

Chase Your Frogs

Famous author Mark Twain once stated: “If your job is to eat a frog, do it first thing in the morning. And if you must eat two frogs, eat the biggest one first.” While this may sound a bit crazy, what he’s talking about is those big things on your “to-do” list. These are the tasks that would benefit you the most on your journey to those long-term goals. These are also referred to as MITs, or most important tasks.

So, when you first get up in the morning, start tackling those MITs so that you can get them done and not have to worry about them all day long. Sure, you may not necessarily see results immediately- but it does add up.

Use the Pareto Principle

This strategy is also known as the 80/20 rule. This indicates that 80% of the results that you see are from 20% of your efforts. In the sales world, this indicates that 80% (most) of the sales stem from 20% (very little) of the customers.

The point of this is simply that you need to direct your attention to scaling out your small efforts that are providing the most results. In order to do this, you must first examine all of your efforts and figure out which ones are the most beneficial. Once you have figured this out, simply scale them out and you’ll get closer to becoming successful than you ever thought possible.

Accept Failure

Many people would disagree- but the truth is that failure is one of the best ways to reach success in anything you do. Some of the most famous people in the world- regardless of what industry they are in- have failed at some point, and some of them have failed more than once. The difference is that they didn’t allow that failure to make them give up.

So, when failure does come- and it will- accept it completely. Take time to understand and learn from it. Then, simply move on. Use those failures as learning experiences so that you will be able to start over and do it again.

Look for Daily Inspiration

While we all desire to achieve monumental things- we often get discouraged from all of the negativity that surrounds us. We look around and perhaps we missed the mark and everyone is telling us that we’ll never achieve anything. When this happens, those negativity gears start turning and the “what-ifs” start playing in our heads.

Fear takes over and tries to suffocate us and prevent us from reaching our goals. In order to combat this, you must look for daily inspiration. Look for other people who have been able to achieve the success that you’re looking for. Take a moment to listen to their journey and find out what it was like when they experienced failure. Find out what they did to ultimately achieve their goals.

Get a Mentor

When we are trying to be successful, it can be difficult to know exactly which direction we should be traveling in. many times, when we’re not sure of the next steps to keep ourselves afloat, our ship begins to take on water and we start to sink. However, when you have a mentor, you are much more likely to survive and reach your big picture goals.

A mentor is there to shine the light and illuminate the road to success. They are there to help you reach your goals. They know which direction you need to be traveling and they know how to avoid the traps to help you ultimately achieve success.

Keep Track of Progress

If you seriously want to achieve anything at all, you must track your progress. When you are tracking your progress, it’s much easier to examine and make changes to your progress in order to ultimately reach your goals. When you’re without a track, you’ve got no idea where you are, how far you have traveled, or how much longer you have on your path.

So, figure out some way that you can track your progress. If you have measurable goals (SMARTER), then they are trackable. Take time to track your progress on a daily basis. Just like a pilot tracks the progress of his plane from one moment to the next, you must also keep track of your personal progress in order to be sure that the steps you are taking are working for you.

Accept Criticism

Unfortunately, we are often quite critical of others- especially when we see that they are experiencing a bit of success. We try to tear each other down and when someone does fail, we’re right there to call them out on it. We tell them that they were silly to have ever tried it to begin with. We tell them that they should just give up and forget about ever achieving anything at all.

However, you should accept that criticism instead of running from it. We need to be listening to it and allowing it to be the fuel that we need to spur us on instead of the rope that is holding us back. Everyone fails at some point. The more we fail, the more opportunities we have to be successful. When you want something bad enough, it doesn’t matter at all what anyone has to say. We should use their criticism to push us onward and upward.

We all have goals that we want to achieve- but we’re not sure how. Of course, no matter how you look at it, success really is not all that complicated. Simply follow the guidelines found in Presence, Power, and Profit – and keep these 15 strategies for success in mind next time you have a goal you want to achieve.

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