How Do You Know When Your Dreams Come True

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Dreams are quite mysterious- they can hold so many deep meanings, expressions, and connections. In some cases, they’re nothing more but random firings in our brain and fragments of memory from the day. However, this is just part of the potential of a dream. We can take the time to develop a more personal relationship with our dreams. You can check out Presence, Power, and Profit to learn more about dreams and how to know when your dreams come true.

According to the sages of the Jewish Talmud, dreams are about 1/60 prophetic and in order to increase your influence and awareness of your dreams, you must keep a pen/paper by your bed so that you can jot down your dreams as soon as you awaken. In addition, make sure that you are recording your desired dreams/goals in the notebook as well. Be sure to ask yourself if you are awake or dreaming.

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As you increase your awareness/control, you’ll gain a better understanding of the messages in your dreams and be able to apply them to your life. This will help you realize your dreams and ultimately reach your goals- but how do you know when your dreams come true?

Signs Your Dreams are About to Come True: How Do You Know When Your Dreams Come True

Here are a few things that indicate your dreams are about to come true:

People Say What You Need/Want to Hear

When things are going great for you, those that you encounter will do everything they can to give you advice, help, or anything else to help you reach your dreams. You’ll start to think that people can read your mind- they all seem to know your secret dream.

They will say things that grab your interest and are somehow related to things you can do to reach your dreams. Be sure to take note of what they are saying, ask lots of questions, and take the time to listen to what they are saying- and how they are saying it. The people that you are encountering will be guiding you with their wisdom.

Sleeping Dreams Mirror Waking Life

According to experts, when we sleep, we are processing our problems and finding creative ways to solve them. Though you may not feel that you have a problem that needs to be solved, if you have a dream that you have not achieved, then there most definitely is a problem that you are trying to find a solution to. The greater your awareness of your dreams, the better you will be able to achieve exactly what it is that you want.

In the Ancient Near East, dreams are classified on three planes:

  • Reflections of the state of mind/health of dreamer
  • Revelations of the Deity
  • Mantic Dreams

A mantic dream is prophetic where an individual is dreaming something that later comes true. Make sure to keep that pen and notebook by your bed so that you can record the imagery from your dream. Later on, you can go back and read it to see if there are any clues to making your dream come true.

Gifts Start Coming Your Way

Pay close attention to what people around you are offering you. Did your friend just offer tickets to an event that they were unable to attend? You might want to reconsider the offer before you say, “No thanks.” Perhaps this gift is a message from the universe that you need to be there- in the right place at the right time- to meet the person that is going to be an integral part of making your dreams come true.

You are Comfortable with the Unknown

Part of the exciting process of making your dreams come true is the unknown. When you stop trying to be in control of how your dreams are going to come true, you open up to allowing the universe to find a way to allow things to happen that were meant to be. When you start to relax and come to accept the chaos of life, you open yourself up to a whole host of possibilities.

For example, if you are sure that you’re going to meet the love of your life, focus on the end result: love. You should not be focusing so much on a certain individual that you believe you are destined to be with. If you are meant to fall in love, it will happen- just trust.

Things Seem to be Clear

When all your doubts disappear and you realize all that the universe is doing to make your dreams a reality is a blissful moment. You have finally been able to step back and see the big picture- and what’s more: it all begins to make sense.

When the universe has conspired to help you reach your dreams, you’ll be able to understand why you faced difficulties, why you made certain decisions, and why you met the people who crossed your path. Everything happens for a reason- to bring you to where you are right here, right now.

Dreams can hold so much for us, if we’ll just open ourselves up to listening to them. Try keeping a dream journal to help you analyze your sleeping dreams- and listen to what they are saying about making your waking dreams come true. Be sure to check out Presence, Power, and Profit to learn more about making dreams come true.

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