How to Have an Attractive Personality: 10 Steps

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Regardless of what you may have been told, it is possible to improve your personality. Not only that, we can develop it in ways that we didn’t understand or even believe were possible in the past. Until recent years, experts believed that our personality is permanent.

William James, a Harvard psychologist, wrote in his book in 1890 that our personality is set in stone by the time we reach early adulthood. However, over time, the thought that personality is fluid has gained control. We have now reached a point where we understand that we do have control and influence over the characteristics and traits that we want to develop/refine. Check out Presence, Power, and Profit to learn more about making changes to your personality.

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What is Personality: How to Have an Attractive Personality?

Personality is defined as the usual pattern of thought, feelings, and behaviors that make an individual unique. When we make the statement that someone has a “good” personality, we are saying that they are pleasant to be around, likeable, and interesting.

We all want to be attractive to others, and a good personality is critical to that- probably more important than looks.

In fact, according to some research, around 85% of success and happiness is the result of the way you interact with others. So, basically, it’s your personality that either draws others to you or chases them away. While you can only do so much with your looks, you can improve your personality as much (or as little) as you want. It is up to you the traits that you integrate into your personality.

10 Ways to Improve Your Personality

Here are 10 things that you can do to improve your personality:

Listen Intently

Since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was an exceptional listener, she has been said to be one of the most delightful women in the world. People knew her for the way she would look someone in the eye and hang on to their every word, making them feel like they were of utmost importance. There’s absolutely nothing more appealing than having someone sit and listen intently to what you are saying and make you feel like you are all that matters to them.

Read More

You will be so much more interesting to those around you if you will take the time to read more and cultivate new interests. Meeting new people will give you the chance to share your knowledge and to exchange your point of view with them.

Be Good at Conversation

This is directly related to how much you read/know. Once you have information that you can contribute to a conversation, take the time to learn how to present it. Keep in mind that there’s no way that one person can read about and learn about everything in the world on his/her own. Therefore, it’s nice to be able to gain that information from someone else since we may not have the time to figure it out alone.

State Your Opinion

Have you ever talked to someone that had no opinion about anything? They just agreed with everything that was said? That can be pretty frustrating. After all, if you’ve got nothing to expound upon, the conversation dries up pretty quickly. However, if you have a difference in opinion, you will be much more interesting and stimulating in social gatherings. Of course, you don’t want to take it too far and be a know it all- but a perspective that is unique will open everyone’s mind.

Make New Friends

Make an effort to meet new people and make new friends. You especially want to get to know those who are not like you. This will increase your exposure to a variety of different cultures and ways that you do things- it will broaden your horizons.

Be Yourself

Another thing that becomes frustrating and tiresome is dealing with someone that is trying to be something that he/she is not. You should never try to cram yourself into a mold/box just to be accepted. When you do, it will almost always backfire on you. We are all unique and expressing that uniqueness is what makes life interesting for us. Trying to be exactly like someone else will not only fail, it will indicate that we are not authentic in anything we do.

Maintain Positivity

No one wants to be around someone that is always complaining about everything and never has anything good to say at all. Instead of being a “negative Nancy” all the time, why not try to be upbeat and light up the room with your pure energy when you enter. You can maintain a positive attitude and outlook by looking for the best in everything. Always have a warm smile and enliven those around you just by being you.

Be fun

We don’t want to be around negativity, but we do want to be around someone that will make us laugh/smile. Therefore, you should always be trying to find the humorous, quirky side of every situation. You can rest assured that even if you can’t see it in the moment, every situation does have a quirky side. When possible, add some lightheartedness to a gloomy situation, and others will be drawn to you.

Be Supportive

One of the most delightful qualities that you can integrate into your personality is to be supportive of others. You welcome support when others extend it to you- so why shouldn’t you extend your support to those around you? We all need someone in our lives who will be our cheerleader and encourage us, believe in us, and help us up when we fall.

Have Integrity

You will gain the gratitude, admiration, and respect of others when you are always honest and true to your word. There is absolutely nothing that improves the personality of a person more than respect and integrity.

As humans, we have the ability and the power to shape our personalities in whatever way we choose. You can check out Presence, Power, and Profit to learn more about how to mold your personality into a more attractive one.

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